VDOT changes say you can’t drive straight across Route 220 at some intersections

New project would improve seven intersections between Roanoke and Martinsville


VDOT wants to make your drive along U.S. Route 220 between Roanoke and Martinsville a lot smoother.

After a public hearing held Wednesday night, VDOT will be improving seven intersections, four in Roanoke/Roanoke County, two in Franklin County, and one in Henry County.

Here’s a breakdown of all the intersections that will be changing:

  • Southern Hills Drive/Valley Avenue in Roanoke/Roanoke County
  • Pheasant Ridge Road/Crossbow Circle in Roanoke/Roanoke County
  • Buck Mountain Road/Stable Road in Roanoke/Roanoke County
  • Clearbrook Village Lane/Indian Grave Road in Roanoke County
  • Wirtz Road in Franklin County
  • Sontag Road/Cassell Drive in Franklin County
  • Dyer Street in Henry County

VDOT has studied the intersections and believes adding a thru-cut to redirect the thru-traffic on side streets to turn right or left or make an U-turn directly into a business will reduce delays.

This would only reroute 1% of traffic and will allow everyone who uses those intersections more green time. To be specific, according to VDOT it will reduce delays by 20%.

VDOT spokesperson Jason Bond said last fall they received 380 comments from a survey on this $16.1 million project and are addressing some of those concerns.

“We have made some modifications to the design and now we are coming back sharing these revised designs with more information to sort of clarify what this project is all about,” said Bond.

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