From gas to Kamado grills, find the best one for you

Consumer Report explains the difference in grills and gives recommendations

Finding the right grill for you
Finding the right grill for you

Whether you’re a grill master looking to make an upgrade or you’re a beginner, 10 News is working for you to help you narrow down the choices.

The basic options are gas and charcoal grills.

Paul Hope, home and appliances reporter for Consumer Reports, said gas grills are the most popular, they’re easy to use because it’s similar to a gas stove, it’s the most available and most recipes are written for them.

On the other hand, a charcoal grill gives you more control; if you want something hotter you just add more coals it’s just more labor if you compare it to a gas grill.

Hope suggests you know what you’ll use your grill for. If you plan on entertaining a lot of people with hot dogs and burgers he recommends a gas grill.

For a slow smoked brisket or coal-fired, you might want to look at a Kamado grill, it’s a type of charcoal grill. Kamado grills can have a steady, low temperature for a long time and can go to about 1,000°F for searing.

“A gas grill will give you nice grill marks, chars and sear, where a charcoal grill gives you a level of flavor beyond that as does a Kamado grill and then pellet grills are really cooking with these compressed pellets with wood saw dust,” said Hope.

He said a pellet grill is for someone who is familiar with a gas grill but a Kamado grill might be too intimidating.

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