New River Valley unveils fleet of electric bikes

Eventually, there will be 150 bikes across the region

You'll now be able to enjoy the outdoors in a new way!

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – You’ll now be able to enjoy the outdoors with a bit of a boost.

The area’s bike-share program teamed up with Bolt Mobility to turn its regular bikes into electric ones.

75 bikes will be ready to go on Saturday, but there will eventually be 150 bikes across the region.

Leaders say those will make transportation and sightseeing in the New River Valley even easier.

“They’re ideal for commuting around townY you can take them on the Huckleberry Trail, they’re great for that. You’re going to be speed limited to 15 mph there, but it’s a great thoroughfare for people to use cause you’re off traffic,” said Lawrence Underwood, director of operations at Bolt Mobility.

You can ride the new bikes in Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Montgomery County, Virginia Tech’s Campus or on the Huckleberry Trail.