West End Walk connects kids with activity and the arts

2021 marks the sixth year of the walks

Kids in Roanoke didn't stop them from taking part in a summertime favorite event.

ROANOKE, Va. – Kids in Roanoke didn’t let the rain stop them from taking part in a summer-favorite tradition.

Tuesday was the first of four summer walks from the West End Center to Grandin Theatre.

2021 marks the sixth year of the West End Walk.

The kids are able to do some stretches and then make the one-mile journey with a movie and popcorn waiting on the other end!

“We think it’s great that it couples the arts with activity and we really like to see the community come out. We have police officers come out. We have local businesses along the Grandin area will come out and support,” said Ally Bowersock, the co-owner of Run About Sports Roanoke.

“It’s usually a jovial time. Cars are honking their horns. We usually have people from local businesses that usually come out and high-five the kids or wave to the kids along the way,” said Ian Fortier, the executive director of the Grandin Theatre Foundation.

New this year, Run About is partnering with students and officers to get more kids physically active, having them train for a 5K at the end of the summer.