Roanoke organizations gather to sing Christmas carols in an effort to stop violent crime

During the event, there was a memorial walk to remember the lives lost to gun violence

Roanoke City organizations are working to bridge the gap between communities through festive carols.

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke City organizations are working to bridge the gap between communities.

The nonprofit, Total Action for Progress, also known as T.A.P. hosted their annual Bridging the Community Gap event. The purpose, to spread peace and joy through Christmas carols.

“We’ve done this for several years now and we are so pleased that so many people, young and old, come out to say we want peace. Let’s stop the violence in our community,” said T.A.P.’s President and CEO, Annette Lewis.

Roanoke’s Gun Violence Prevention Commission co-hosted the event.

Along with caroling, there was a memorial walk across the MLK bridge downtown to remember the lives lost to gun violence and those who they left behind.

“I think the symbolism of crossing the bridge, uniting the city, of coming together with something. That we recognize gun violence, it’s easy to think that it’s a problem that affects some of us, but it really is something that involves all of us. Both in the impact and the solution,” said commission member, Tim Harvey.

At the end of the walk, people gathered at the downtown Christmas tree to take a “Stop the Violence” pledge. A commitment to take a stand against all violence.

“If I see something, I’m going to say something. If I hear something, I’m going to share it. I’m going to step up and say something. Many of the crimes that are being committed, people are not stepping up and letting people know who is doing the crimes so we can stop it,” said Lewis.

Organizers hope Thursday’s event will spark a change.

“We hope people left encouraged that you’re not alone in this. That we are working together on this and together we can make a difference,” said Lewis.

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