Rotary Club of Rocky Mount spreading love to seniors ahead of Valentine’s Day

The Rotary Club and Franklin County Center of Aging are surprising seniors with cards and flowers

The Rotary Club of Rocky Mount is spreading love ahead of Valentine's Day.

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – The Rotary Club of Rocky Mount is spreading some love ahead of Valentine’s Day. It teamed up with the Franklin County Center of Aging to surprise seniors with Valentine’s Day cards. They’ll be delivered with Senior Meals on Wheels.

It’s the first year the Rotary Club has done this, but they plan to continue the new tradition in upcoming years. Flowers by Jones donated 100 carnations that will be distributed as well. The cards are made by the Rotary Club and include a crossword puzzle and handwritten signatures.

“We put the bones of a card together, just a couple graphics. We had one Rotarian put together all the color and the images on the card. We had a different Rotarian come up with the word search that’s in the card. Our entire club signed the cards last Thursday at our club meeting,” said Joey Cornwell, the Club President of the Rotary Club of Rocky Mount.

The cards and flowers will be distributed Tuesday and Wednesday.

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