What if Alexa could read your mind?

This photo provided by Amazon shows a scene from Amazon's 2022 Super Bowl NFL football spot. (Amazon via AP) (Uncredited)

Would you like it if Alexa could read your mind?

In a comical Super Bowl 2022 Amazon ad, husband and wife duo Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost explored just that. Honestly though, it seemed more like a nightmare than anything.

The fantasy starts off with Johansson waking up and telling her husband how much she loves being able to sleep in.

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Moments later, Alexa chimes in saying, “Ordering fresh mint mouth wash. Extra strength.”

Now, I’m sure we all have not-so-friendly thoughts about our significant others every now and then. But sounds like Alexa exposed Jost who thought his wife had a case of bad breath.


Watch the full commercial here:

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