Free spaying clinic being offered at Virginia Tech

There are over 100 students in the program, so more than 100 animals are needed

There are over 100 students in the program, so they need over 100 animals

Blacksburg, Va – Taking care of an animal can be expensive, from all the shots and vet visits you need for a new kitten or puppy. Virginia Tech wants to help out with some of the cost by offering a free spaying clinic for female dogs and cats.

Students from Virginia Tech Veterinary Program are taking care of these animals and spaying them as part of one of their labs. Each student has to do a spay as part of the curriculum for their Next Generation / Healthy Populations courses.

There are over 100 students in the program, so they need over 100 animals.

All dogs must be anywhere from 5 months old to 5 years of age and be between 15 and 60 pounds. All cats must be anywhere from 6 months old to 6 years and between 5 and 15 pounds.

Melanie Kegley, the Lab Manager, said this is a great program because it not only helps out the students, but the community benefits too.

“It is a really really nice program and the students get to benefit because they do from beginning to end,” said Kegley. “They’re in charge of the animals, they are caring for the animals, just like they’re their own dog or cat.”

Last week, a van from Charleston, West Virginia brought 11 dogs to get spayed. Volunteers from the lab were so excited as the van pulled up because they said they have never seen this many dogs come all at once.

The free spaying clinic helps out animal shelters because animals that are already spayed and up to date on their vaccines are more likely to be adopted. It also helps the shelters save money.

The program will be accepting animals until the end of April. All animals accepted must be up to date on all their vaccines. If your animal needs a rabies vaccine, the University provides it for them.

Virginia Tech says to contact Mel Kegley at for more information or to schedule your pet’s spay.

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