Is the phrase ‘Pray for Peace’ political? Virginia Tech expert weighs in

This comes after Blacksburg High School’s girls lacrosse team was told not to wear shirts with that phrase

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Despite major controversy, one Blacksburg parent is still making shirts that say “Pray for Peace” in support of Ukraine.

As we’ve reported before, the Montgomery County School Leaders said the Blacksburg High School girls lacrosse team couldn’t wear them during warm-ups due to its political message.

However, according to one Professor at Virginia Tech. it’s unconstitutional and protected under the first amendment — unless it’s causing a substantial.

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There are other scenarios where it may not.

“What is not constitutional is for a public school to tell them what they may express so if this idea of getting t-shirts to express a political message was an individual choice by the student they’re protected, if this was some idea of some aspect of the school, a principal, a teacher, you’re going to do this, then no matter how good or how positive the message might be telling students you’re going to do it is not constitutional,” Dr. W. Wat Hopkins, Virginia Tech Communications Professor said.

Categories that are not protected include fighting words, obscenities, or inciting the violent overthrow of the government.

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