God’s Pit Crew heading to Kentucky to rebuild homes destroyed by tornadoes

‘In every pile of that rubble is a family’s story’

More volunteers from God's Pit Crew are headed to Kentucky to help with tornado damages.

DANVILLE, Va. – Volunteers from God’s Pit Crew are heading to Kentucky to help rebuild after tornadoes devastated the area.

The nonprofit is building and furnishing four new homes for free for four families who lost everything when tornadoes hit back in December. One mom of two even lost her husband.

The founder and director of God’s Pit Crew, Randy Johnson, said it’s hard to put into words what it means to him to help these families who’ve lost their homes.

“To begin with, it was all about the rubble and the debris because that’s what you saw. But you pretty soon begin to realize in every pile of that rubble is a family’s story, their life, memories made,” said Johnson. “It’s so powerful to see all that stripped away from somebody. But equally, if not more powerful to see hope again, to rise up again.”

The crew heads out on Monday to build the first two homes, which will be finished by Memorial Day Weekend. Then they’ll return in August to build the other two homes.

If you’d like to donate to or volunteer with God’s Pit Crew, click here.

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