Sen. Tim Kaine discusses abortion protection bill that failed in the Senate

Kaine says there are ‘certain decisions that states can’t intrude upon’

The bill failed in the Senate in a 51-49

WASHINGTON – Wednesday, Senator Tim Kaine spoke to reporters ahead of the vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act.

He is a sponsor of the bill.

The Democratic senator says there has been a decades-long precedent that has protected women’s rights no matter where they live.

For the first time, he says, this bill has structure. It has been in drafts for many years.

Now, Kaine is hoping the bill will help maintain federal statue and prevent state choice.

“Cases going back 100 years that interpreting the 14th amendment have said that there are certain decisions that states can’t intrude upon,” stated Kaine. “The states can’t intrude upon your right to get contraception. States can’t intrude upon whether you want to send your child to a public or private school.”

The Senator believes if the Supreme Court moves forward as expected, it will have significant impacts on other measures as well.

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