Family of Arieanna Day still seeking answers after disappearance

The family of Arieanna Day is still looking for answers after her disappearance in 2018.

Arieanna Day was three months old at the time and her family remembered her birthday Saturday afternoon.

WSLS spoke with Arieanna’s mother and family about the investigation.

They want to know the latest status of the case.

“We’ve been advocating for Arieanna Day for the past four years nothing has been done in her case and I’m asking the city of Roanoke to hold the detective in this case responsible,” said Mallory Thornton, an advocate for Arieanna’s case.

Prosecutors dropped a charge against Andrew Terry, Arieanna’s father in November 2020.

Terry admitted to burying his daughter after he picked up Arieanna bruised and barely alive from her mother’s house in Roanoke.

Police said in a statement in 2020 in part quote “Roanoke police department has not forgotten Arieanna day. detectives have remained dedicated to finding out the circumstances that led to the disappearance of Arieanna, and this case will remain open until we know what happened to her.”