Rockbridge County High School to rename field in honor of fallen soldiers

Prasnicki-Ross Field at Veterans Stadium will be debuted on Aug. 26

Rockbridge County High School dedicates its stadium in honor of two fallen soldiers

ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, Va. – Chase Prasnicki and Andrew Ross are remembered as athletes, friends and heroes. On Aug. 26, RCHS will dedicate its field and stadium to these two former students.

“They had their own personalities, they had their own dreams for what their army careers were going to be after West Point. But they supported each other, and that was the biggest thing,” said Ross’ sister, Sarah Geisen.

Prasnicki and Ross both played sports in high school, both pursued military careers at West Point and both died in Afghanistan, serving their country.

“Everything they did and what they meant to the community when they were here, and then go on and serve and make the ultimate sacrifice,” said Phillip Thompson, Rockbridge County Public Schools Superintendent.

Rockbridge County High School is honoring these fallen soldiers at a place they loved — the field. It will be soon be named “Prasnicki-Ross field at Veterans Stadium.”

“Chase loved Rockbridge County High School, he loved football, he loved this stadium, these were some of our best times were spent here, so it means a lot to us,” said Prasnicki’s mom, Debbie Arthur.

Their legacies will be etched in stone. Outside the stadium, there will be a memorial for the family and the community to remember and show their respect.

“The biggest thing I want everybody to get out of seeing those names at that field every time is to know what perseverance is, and to know what fortitude is,” added Geisen.

“This will be very fulfilling, I know I’ll see some of Chase’s old friends here, teachers, I think it will be an amazing homecoming,” said Arthur.

Home of the Wildcats, and now Home of the Brave.

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