Lynchburg’s new solar power facility lights the way for educational programs

The center at Ivy Creek Park is meant to spark interest about solar energy

The center at Ivy Creek Park is meant to spark interest about solar energy

LYNCHBRUG, Va. – Lynchburg Parks and Rec unveiled its new solar power facility Tuesday.

The interactive, electric exhibit is meant to spark interest in solar energy.

Chris Higgins, Lynchburg’s park services manager, said the new center at Ivy Creek Park will light the way for educational programming, generating generations of future nature enthusiasts.

“That indirect impact is going to create a lot more than the actual system ever will,” said Higgins.

The display features information and pieces of solar equipment.

Eight rooftop panels will show up-to-the-minute data, while also helping the environment.

“There are sensors on this system, that aren’t normally on most systems, that show how much power it’s producing and how much power is being drawn off of it. And any extra power that’s being produced by this system, as this park uses very little electricity, will actually be fed back into the grid that [American Electric Power] has,” said Higgins.

Lynchburg Parks and Rec is partnering with Earth Right Mid-Atlantic to create curriculum for their educational programs.

Higgins says the project cost about $18,000 and is supported through the city’s capital improvement funding.

This is only the first project in Lynchburg’s new Sustainable Infrastructure Program.

“It’s very important for our future. We can’t keep on taking. We need to become more towards an equal balance with the earth,” said Higgins.

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