Need help with air conditioning this summer in Lynchburg?

The Hill City’s ‘Cooling Assistance Program’ can help

Lynchburg's new "Cooling Assistance" program will offer several services to stay cool this summer.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – If you live in Lynchburg and need help keeping cool this summer, this might be something for you.

Starting Wednesday, the Department of Human Services will offer “Cooling Assistance” through mid-August.

The program offers several services for those in need, including:

  1. Help with electric payments, if there is some sort of cooling equipment in the home.
  2. One portable fan or one window AC unit, which will be installed by a vendor if there is no cooling equipment in the home. Renters must get approval from landlords.
  3. Service or repair work to central AC.
  4. Once per lifetime electric security deposit to get service on or if security deposit is included in a termination.

You must be considered a vulnerable person to apply. Someone in the home must either be over the age of 60, declared disability by Social Security or a child under six.

There are also income requirements, which are listed below:

Lynchburg Department of Human Services Cooling Assistance (wsls)

“When I saw the forecast of 97 and we’re just at the beginning of June, it’s kind of scary,” said April Rowe, manager of the benefits program. “Scary for our population and that’s why we need to make sure that we share this information so that we can help our citizens.”

Notices will be mailed once the application is processed. Some applications were already pre-approved by the Commonwealth.

To apply, click here or call 855-635-4370.

You can also visit the local agency to pick up and submit an application.

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