Healthcare centers taking action following Roe v. Wade decision

Many are preparing for an influx of patients and clients

Some are expanding waiting rooms and hiring more staff

ROANOKE, Va. – With more than half of the states preparing to ban or restrict abortion, healthcare centers in our region are taking action.

Friday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the ruling of Roe v. Wade, which sparked action in our region’s healthcare centers.

Abortion is currently legal in Virginia, but with Governor Youngkin looking to set restrictions in place, healthcare centers are preparing for a wave of patients.

“We are built for this moment,” said Alison Kiser, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic Executive Director. “We’re ready to fight back and help folks get the care that they need.”

The employees at Planned Parenthood are getting ready for an influx of patients. Not only are they expanding waiting rooms, but they’re hiring more patient navigators who will help those who may be coming in for an abortion from other states.

“We really don’t have to imagine what the impact will be like. We can look to states like Texas,” Kiser added. “Folks will be forced to travel hundreds, if not thousands of miles, to access care.”

The decision has others in the region gearing up differently.

“We want to encourage and empower men and women to choose abundant life for themselves,” said Ann Russell, Blue Ridge Women’s Center President & CEO.

The Blue Ridge Women’s Center provides those with unexpected pregnancies the resources, materials, and support they need for free.

“We may need to have more people who can help with providing resources to the clients who come in so that they have the help that they need in making decisions,” Russell added.

This is just the beginning for healthcare centers in the region who said the work is far from over.

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