Experts give tips on keeping your pets safe during Fourth of July Weekend

Keep collar & microchip information updated, check for gaps and provide a safe space

Experts explain what you can do to keep your furry friends safe.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Fourth of July weekend can be a fun time for people, but also a terrifying time for pets.

Claire LeFew, events and communications manager for the Lynchburg Humane Society, said fireworks can scare your animals, so you should be prepared by making sure the information on your pet’s collar or microchip is up to date in case they run away.

But ideally, you should keep your furry friends indoors.

“Take a walk around your house and your yard to make sure there are no gaps in fences or loose window screens or anything like that, but then also try to keep your pets inside as much as possible,” said LeFew.

You should also allow them to have a safe place in your home, regardless of where they wish to hide.

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