Security program encourages people to be proactive in crisis situations

The Active Shooter Elimination Team is a group of professionals training to be prepared for the worst

The officials discuss training tactics and purpose of the team.

ROANOKE, Va. – After several mass shootings have plagued our nation, one security expert is training a group of professionals to be prepared for the worst.

The Active Shooter Elimination Team is a group of 5 security members that participate in active shooter drills to be prepared for what could happen.

The goal is to ensure the active shooter target is eliminated and the client is safe.

Chris Ragone is the session’s trainer and owner of Executive Security Concepts, a bodyguard company.

Ragone said he’d gotten an increase in interest from churches seeking protection.

“What I have done is put trained operators, trained agents who are licensed security professionals in the state of Virginia who are trained to go to the sound of gunfire,” Ragone said.

The ASET is learning a new weapon system for a new client to keep them safe, using a unique type of bulletproof vests and how to eliminate a threat.

“I recommend something, some type of training, pepper spray, stun gun tasers, all the way up to firearms, but what I don’t recommend is people buying a firearm, throw it in their purse, stick it in their glove box, take one concealed carry and that’s it,” Ragone said.

Personal Protection Agent Zachary Nobles explains that keeping people you love safe is essential.

“If you want to go out and buy a gun, that’s your right, but there’s no point in getting a gun and not knowing how to use,” Nobles said.

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