Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue seeing an increase in demand as prices rise

Overall operation costs are over 30% more from last year as prices of gas and crops go up

Price increases are hitting an already expensive operation

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – The Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue is bringing in an unusual amount of horses for this time of year. Just this week, the non-profit organization rescued four horses.

One of the horses, Odie, came in over 300 pounds underweight.

Pat Muncy, CEO and Founder of Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue, said at first they were unsure if the horse could make it.

“Odie here, he felt was going to die on him,” Muncy said. “We found out Odie had been attacked by dogs.”

Odie has joined 39 other horses at the rescue. While some can get back to good health after months of rehabilitation, unfortunately, some others don’t make it through.

“We do everything we possibly can. We’re here to help them. It’s heartbreaking, it’s devastating on my volunteers and my help,” Muncy said.

Muncy is also needing a little help herself.

Price increases in crops and services are making it difficult for the operation to maintain the budget. With more horses being rescued than usual, it’s making it even harder.

“We try to keep it at no more than 40 because that’s what we know we can financially take care of. Or could … things are getting tighter and tighter,” Muncy said. “This is not normal for this time of year. We’re finding that people are really financially strapped due to the economy and they’re cutting back on their needs for their animals.”

One of the biggest price jumps the organization is seeing is in hay.

“With the cost of diesel for our farmers to run their tractors, the prices [have] gone up from $45 and now we’re paying, now we’re paying $65 and $70 for one roll of hay. We put out 13 rolls a week,” Muncy said.

Overall, the operation is costing about 30% more than last year, and Muncy said that money isn’t the only thing they need.

“We need volunteers. I mean these guys are a lot to clean up. If you got any extra time and you just want to come out and clean ... we could use the help,” Muncy said.

You can donate to the Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue through Facebook, PayPal, or Give Direct.

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