Danville’s White Mill project just steps away from beginning construction

The building will be converted into 150 apartments and commercial space, all while preserving its historical significance

What's next for Danville's White Mill project to become a reality

DANVILLE, Va. – A project years in the making is now just a few steps away from beginning construction.

Danville’s White Mill has sat vacant for over a decade, and after years of discussion, the former textile mill will soon get a makeover.

Now there are just a few documents standing in the way of construction.

“It’s a long time coming. The project was originally going to be something up but now we are looking at this combination of commercial and residential,” said The Alexander Company’s Development Project Manager, David Vos.

The Alexander Company is one of the project owners, partnering with Danville’s Industrial Development Authority for the joint venture.

Both will manage separate parts of the building.

“The purpose of the meeting was to get the structure in front of the IDA members and the initial drafts of the operating agreements for each of the entities in that structure,” said Vos.

The former textile mill will be transformed into 150 apartments, commercial space, and recreation areas.

All while preserving the mill’s historical value.

“This is one of the last textile buildings remaining in Danville,” said Vos. “And so to lose this landmark which truly represents the textile industry that helped to build Danville would be a shame. So retaining it is vitally important to this community.”

Before construction begins, Danville’s IDA must approve operating and lease agreements, which were on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting.

Because of the complexity of the documents, the board decided to push the vote to next month to give members more time to look over details.

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