Kendal at Lexington unveils robot to help with dining services

The robot, named ‘Alfredo,’ is meant to increase efficiencies and enhance dining services at the center

Kendal at Lexington unveils "Alfredo," the new senior living robot, to assist with with delivery and bussing tables (Credit: Kendal at Lexington) (WSLS)

LEXINGTON, Va. – A local senior center is making some unique technological advances.

On Wednesday, Kendal at Lexington said they started programming and testing a new service robot that’s designed to increase efficiencies and enhance dining services in their main dining room.

Kendal at Lexington said their Servi robot, which they named “Alfredo,” is a three-tier food runner that can help with food delivery and bussing tables.

Alfredo the robot has a weight limit of 66 pounds and has a battery life of up to 12 hours, according to Kendal.

The center said their plan is to start using Alfredo’s bussing function during two shifts in Anderson, and also in the Borden and Webster Centers.

While the bot busses tables, it’ll be loaded with dirty dishes, making trips from the aisles of the Anderson dining room to the dish area.

If all goes smoothly, Kendal said it would also be used in their restaurant once it opens.

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