God’s Pit Crew asks community for donations to help those impacted by Hurricane Ian

They already have 5,800 buckets ready, but need donations with hopes to prepare at least 5,000 more

God's Pit Crew will send a team to the sunshine state next week with thousands of supplies

DANVILLE, Va.God’s Pit Crew is in full force preparing to help those impacted by Hurricane Ian.

“This is what we do. This is our mission to bring that hope, healing, and restoration during times of natural disaster, so this is our time to help,” said Julie Burnett, God’s Pit Crew Blessing bucket program director.

The volunteers’ focus right now is blessing buckets. The five-gallon buckets include emergency supplies including food and first aid.

“We’re prepping the product that will go into the blessing buckets when we have an assembly,” said Joanne Harris, one of the volunteers.

“Anything we think of that can fit in that bucket that is something they would greatly appreciate. Try to put yourself in their position, when you have nothing, that blessing bucket is a blessing,” said Marty Fields, another one of the volunteers.

Anything from water, washcloths, deodorant, and food – the supplies in the buckets provide relief to those who need it.

The organization already has nearly 5,800 buckets ready, but they are hoping to send at least 5,000 more.

Now, they need community help, and are asking for donations.

“We will respond with blessing buckets for as long as they need them. What that means is that we need product and donations to keep going,” added Burnett.

The Immediate Response Team plans to head to Florida on Monday with trucks full of supplies.

The most rewarding part for the staff and volunteers is when blessing buckets are received.

“I can’t be there to physically hug them, but a hug goes into that bucket,” said Harris.

If you want to donate to God’s Pit Crew, you can find the list of supplies needed here.

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