Chickens now allowed in City of Covington after ordinance passes

Chickens are now able to roost in Covington, thanks to a new ordinance

COVINGTON, Va. – Chickens are now legal to own in Covington after leaders passed an ordinance on Monday.

The issue was sidelined for a few years, but the city council moved forward with an ordinance after a citizen, Megan Mann, approached in June.

“I’m pretty excited,” said Megan Mann, who lives in the city.

Mann wanted to bring the idea to the council because she wanted to give her children more responsibilities, but also to save money on groceries.

“It’s’ getting really expensive at the grocery store,” Mann said. “I was not sure where it was going to go but at first a few people seemed supportive some were hesitant, so I really wasn’t sure.”

More people were on board to pass the chicken ordinance in September.

“We crafted a fairly restrictive ordinance to allow residents to have four chickens,” David Crosier, Covington’s Vice Mayor said.

The ordinance also states chickens must live in a pen of about 144 square feet.

Owners should put the pens in the backyard – ten feet away from all property lines.

Enclosures must be sanitary and cleaned to prevent odors, and the feed for the hens to be placed in a secure container to prevent rodents from the area.

And, if you’re looking to get some chickens in the area, you need to get a permit from the city first.

“The provision that I put in was that we revisit in 6 months, there were some people in the city at this point that had chickens, I never heard a single complaint about them, and once I realized that, that’s why I gave it a shot,” Crosier said.

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