Countdown to Green Flag: Fans excited to return to Martinsville Speedway for NASCAR Playoffs

The last race before the championship will be on the paper-clip at 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon

It's safe to say the energy down at Martinsville Speedway this weekend is electric.

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – NASCAR fans near and far have made their way to the paper-clip for one more race this season.

On Sunday afternoon, drivers will be back on the track to decide who’s going to be competing in the Championship race out in Arizona.

Gean Adams and his wife came all the way from California for the playoff battle. They have never been to Martinsville for a race but are excited to see it for their first time.

“We were hoping to make every racetrack there is before the time’s up. Before my checkered flag,” Adams said.

It doesn’t matter what driver you are cheering for on Sunday, the energy is electric to see the cars back on the track.

Adams and his wife cheer for rival drivers.

“Chase Elliott. And my wife’s is Joey Lugano. So it’s like Republican and Democrat in the same house…but we get along,” Adams said.

Another driver making a chase to get into the playoffs is Ryan Blaney.

Colton Heddleston has always had a love for the No. 12 driver.

“He inspires me,” Heddleston said. “He won Talladega in 2020. And then he went on 2021 to win Atlanta and Michigan and Daytona. And then he comes into 2020 to win the All-Star and barely makes the playoffs which I’m happy about.”

There are seven drivers competing for only three spots left in the championship race. Joey Lugano has already qualified for it.

Be sure to check out 10 Sports as they cover Sunday’s race. You can watch the full race on NBC starting at 2 p.m.!

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