GOTW: Bassett takes on Lord Botetourt

The Bengals and the Cavs are going head-to-head in the Region 3C semifinals

DALEVILLE, Va. – 1st and 10 high school football is back in action with the region semifinals this weekend.

In Daleville Friday night, a Piedmont Power will meet the Blue Ridge District champs.

Bassett and Lord Botetourt are set to go head-to-head in the Region 3C semifinals.

This is the Bengals’ second time they’ve faced LB under head coach Brandon Johnson, but they’re ready.

These two teams don’t get to meet up often – they’ve only played each other six times since 1974 – but you don’t need to face the Cavs often to know what they do best.

While Bassett might have the advantage with skilled players, LB is a tough team to move. And, with a unique post-workout drink at LB, the players might hit the field with a bit more spunk.

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