Blacksburg couple attacked by fox, woman recalls the incident

The incident happened on Friday evening

BLACKSBURG, Va. – A Blacksburg woman said she, her husband, and their two dogs were attacked by a fox last week when they were on an evening stroll.

Hannah Benz said she was taking a walk on Lee Street in Blacksburg Friday evening when a fox came out from behind an electrical box and grabbed onto her ankle.

Benz said she was forced to kick it off of her as it lashed out at one of her dogs as well.

Now she’s warning the Blacksburg community to keep an eye out.

“We shouldn’t have gotten attacked by a fox, that was a first,” Benz said. “We’ve seen bears in the woods, never attacked before.”

Benz said a dead fox was found by a neighbor on Monday morning. She plans to take it to a lab for testing.

“Just be cautious, especially at night,” Benz said. “It’s not even a wooded area here, it’s not far off downtown, so just be cautious so you don’t have to go through the same thing.”

Benz said both she and her dogs got rabies shots.

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