Diabetes drug in short supply nationwide

Health experts warn against taking the drug for weight loss

SALEM, Va. – Ozempic, a medication for people with Type 2 diabetes is in short supply across the nation right now, according to the FDA.

LewisGale Director of Pharmacy Services Derrick Botkins said the FDA approved the generic medication in Ozempic as a weight loss solution as well, and that’s one of the reasons why it may be harder to find right now.

Botkins said people who are prescribed the medication and are struggling to find it should reach out to their doctor.

“There’s other medications that while also are popular, individuals could talk to their prescribing provider about,” Botkins said.

Botkins warned of the dangers of using the medicine without being prescribed it. He says it’s designed to lower blood sugar, which could have dangerous effects for people who are not diabetic.

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