Super Bowl commercials: Favorites, what worked & trends

30-second Super Bowl commercial costs a record-high average of $7 million, according to Forbes

ROANOKE, Va. – A 30-second Super Bowl commercial costs a record-high average of $7 million, according to Forbes.

Tony Pearman the Access President & CEO joined the 10 News Virginia Today team to break down the night’s favorites, what worked and trends.

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Pearman ranked his top 5:

  • Sam Adams: Your Cousin’s Brighter Boston. I just loved everything about this idea and the script and casting/acting. You can watch it here.
  • Michelob ULTRA Club: New Members Day (Extended). Big fan of this movie and the casting and cameos were spot on. You can watch this here.
  • M&M’s: Ma&Ya’s. M&M’s just messing with their audiences and their detractors was hard to overlook. Kind of admired it. You can see it here.
  • Workday: Rock Star. The casting and cameos and the premise are entertaining and worth watching a few times. See it here.
  • Paramount Plus: A Mountain of Entertainment | “Stallone Face”. I was not a huge fan of previous Paramount efforts, but I loved Stallone in this, especially his daughter’s poking fun at his persona. Watch it here.

There were quite a few other ones that hit the mark for Pearman too, who said nostalgia was big this year. From the Caddy Shack spot to these:

  • PopCorners: Breaking Bad Super Bowl Commercial. This could have easily been in the top 5. Great concept and the actors are of course amazing. Watch it here.
  • Rakuten: The Extended Cher Cut. You can watch that one here.
  • T-Mobile: New year. New neighbor. This one featured John Travolta, Zach Braff and Donald Faison. You can watch that spot here.

Pearman also liked these:

  • Ram Trucks: “Premature Electrification”. The copywriting here and the concept was so well done. And the acting is amazing. See the spot here.
  • “Monday” Working with Cancer Pledge. This ad did not run in all markets, but it is by far the most meaningful to me and the most well done. More of a mini movie than a TV spot. See it here.

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