Hand-in-Hand playground set to be demolished, replaced

The town hopes to open the new playground on May 25

BLACKSBURG, Va. – A well-loved playground in Blacksburg is getting a makeover. Demolition begins Wednesday.

The Hand-in-Hand playground in Blacksburg will be demolished to build a new one.

The Town of Blacksburg set aside $900,000 for the project.

Originally, the playground was funded and built entirely by the community 31 years ago. It’s been well-loved over the years, but after decades of wear and tear, it needs to be replaced.

The same company that designed the original playground, Leathers & Associates, was hired again to design the new one.

The new playground will be built on the footprint of the current Hand-in-Hand. It will include benches and small tabletops throughout the space, and will feature American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant engineered wood fiber chips as its base. The existing shade trees will be pruned and maintained to encourage healthy long-term growth. The wood will be replaced with composite, a recycled plastic.

The existing personalized fence pickets will be refurbished and re-installed. Those who wish to purchase a new engraved picket may do so by visiting Let’s Talk Blacksburg and completing the order form.

Each panel costs $75 and can accommodate a maximum of 12 letter spaces; orders and payment must be made by May 1, 2023 for inclusion in the playground’s grand opening activities. Families may choose to engrave their surname or names of family members, and nonprofit organizations may use their name.

Deputy Town Manager Chris Lawrence said their goal is to keep the memory of the old playground alive.

“Having a playground that has generational memories is really special. So we’re trying to make sure we can keep that excitement and give it a whole other couple generations to go,” said Lawrence.

The town hopes to open the new playground on May 25.

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