Roanoke consignment sale aims to help families struggling with inflation

ROANOKE, Va. – One of the largest consignment sales in Southwest Virginia has kicked off, and at a time where many people’s budgets are stretched thin, organizers of the LFA Kids Consignment sale are expecting a big crowd.

Organizer Crystal Lawhorn said the consignment sale provides a valuable opportunity for families in need in the region by providing gently used items at discounted prices. They hope it can alleviate some of the financial stress families are dealing with right now.

“Our numbers have risen,” Supervisor for LFA Kids Consignment Crystal Lawhorn said. “Our number and inventory, it’s still poppin’, it’s still high.”

Virginia Tech economics professor Dr. David Bieri said even though Americans are coping with inflation now, consumer spending is still strong.

“Inflation isn’t hitting everybody in the same way,” Dr. Bieri said. “It really very much depends on the types of goods and services you buy, and so one way of protecting yourself against general price increases is perhaps doing more discount shopping.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Bieri said the Federal Reserve announced that it will continue to raise interest rates despite recent strain on banks. Dr. Bieri said for the average American, it’s not a bad thing.

“It’s good news,” Dr. Bieri said. “It means that the Fed is still committed to fighting inflation.”

While we wait for costs to come back down, Lawhorn encourages you to think about buying consignment.

“We’re here for these moms,” Lawhorn said.

The sale is open for select groups Wednesday, and public shopping will start on Thursday. Tickets cost $10.

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