Advance Auto Parts partners with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to help drivers

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – Advance Auto Parts stores in the New River Valley have teamed up with Montgomery County law enforcement to provide some assistance to drivers.

Instead of tickets for minor traffic infractions, they’ll be giving $25 gift cards.

“A deputy has someone pulled over for another traffic violation and they say “I also noticed you have a brake light out, here’s a gift card, here’s an opportunity for you to get it taken care of,’” said Lieutenant Mark Hollandsworth of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Advance Auto Parts has a long history in the region with the first store opening in Roanoke in 1932.

This partnership is another way to give back.

“When I had the opportunity to jump on this partnership and really build trust with us and build trust with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, I thought it was a good opportunity for us to do,” said BJ Burns, the district manager for Advance Auto Parts.

Burns said this is another way they can be involved with the community

“We’ve always been involved in the community, its’s something I take pride in,” Burns said.

Lieutenant Hollandsworth said partnerships like this help with overall community connections

“[It] let’s them know that we’re not out there to write a hundred tickets and cause them more grief and things like that,” Lieutenant Hollandsworth said.

The timing could also be beneficial with the holidays quickly approaching.

“This will give folks who may be in a tight spot, who might have to make the choice between buying a gift or fixing something with their car-- this will give them a little bit of help,” Lieutenant Hollandsworth said.

The gift cards will start to be given out starting Oct. 30.

About the Author:

Thomas grew up right here in Roanoke and is a graduate of Salem High School and Virginia Tech.