‘I did much more for minorities than he did’ says President Trump compared to President Obama

'He did a bad job for minorities -- I did much more for minorities than he did."

WASHINGTON – In speaking with members of the media on Friday, President Donald Trump praised the work his administration has done for minorities, saying it’s far more than what was accomplished by the Obama administration.

He did a bad job for minorities, I did much more for minorities than he did. And if you look at our numbers prior the the plague coming in, and those numbers will soon be back, you’ll see I did a much better job than Obama did by far for African-Americans, for Asian-Americans, for women, for any group you look at, far better than Obama did.

President Donald Trump - July 31, 2020

The president gave the spoke as he was leaving the White House en route to Joint Base Andrews as he’s planning to attend a Campaign Coalitions Event in Florida with sheriffs.

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