Virginia police department takes shelter dogs into community to find homes

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – The Williamsburg Police Department has some new furry faces hanging around.

It’s all part of their canine for a day program, an effort to get shelter dogs forever homes.

The program was mimicked from another police department outside of the state.

Officials say it’s proven to be a big success.

9-year-old pitbull mix, CJ, has been at the Heritage Humane Society since November.

Most days he watches as prospective families pass him by, but today he’s got someone that’s been waiting to meet him.

CJ is going on a trip, and his road dog is Williamsburg senior police officer, Aundrea Holiday.

“She comes in first thing in the morning and she picks up one of our adoptable dogs and they get the entire morning to go out and really explore Williamsburg," said Jennifer LaFountain, a volunteer and community engagement manager with the Heritage Humane Society.