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Virginia Senators receive Father’s Day cards from children to push for immigration reform

100 homemade cards were delivered

Children of immigrants make Father's Day cards
Children of immigrants make Father's Day cards

RICHMOND, Va. – With Father’s Day just around the corner, many families are planning to spend time with their dad.

But on Thursday, immigration advocates in the Commonwealth reminded two senators about the millions of children who still cannot hug their parents.

A dozen children of immigrant parents delivered about 100 homemade cards in Richmond wishing Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine a Happy Father’s Day. The cards also asked the politicians for their support of a pathway to citizenship for immigrant essential workers to keep more families together.

Sen. Kaine said he is working to progress immigration reform by trying to tie it in a larger infrastructure bill to help pay for the package under the process of reconciliation.

“In at least a bipartisan discussion group and reconciliation, I’m working really hard to see what we can do together in the Biden administration to find reforms going forward,” Kaine said.

More than five million essential workers are undocumented in the U.S, according to, a pro-immigration lobbying group; However, only about one million of them have deportation protection through their Dreamer status.

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