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Bluegrass-singing Virginia brothers featured in a Mountain Dew commercial

The duo landed the sweet gig after going viral on TikTok

A new Mountain Dew commercial features a Virginia man who went viral on TikTok.

TIMBERVILLE, Va. – A new Mountain Dew commercial features a musician from Virginia who went viral on TikTok.

Spencer Hatcher and his brother Connor, who live in Timberville, jokingly tagged the soda brand while performing a rendition of the bluegrass song “Good Old Mountain Dew.”

To their surprise, they were contacted by the team at Pepsi, who owns Mountain Dew, and gave them the chance to work with a big-time director.

“He’s done some music videos for Carrie Underwood, Marilyn Manson, and he was listing off a ton of people, I was like ‘Man, that’s awesome.’ So this guy was real and it was just an awesome experience for me and opportunity,” Spencer told WHSV.

The brothers are full-time musicians and hope this is just the beginning of their music career.