Couple takes wedding photos at a local Cracker Barrel where they first met

The pair met as employees five years ago

By Samantha Smith - Digital Content Producer

Courtesy of Meg U Photography

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. - Of all the places to find love in the New River Valley, this couple found an unusual spot -- the porch of a local Cracker Barrel. 

Katrina and Travis Nelson met at the restaurant five years ago when Katrina transferred to the Christiansburg Cracker Barrel. 


The two arrived for their shift at the same time and hit it off in the parking lot. A year later, they were inseparable, and they tied the knot last Halloween. 

When Katrina and Travis got married, they knew they had to include where their story began in their wedding photos. So, they convinced their wedding photographer to include the Christiansburg Cracker Barrel as a one-of-a-kind backdrop.

The duo still works at Cracker Barrel, and have started to take the restaurant's motto of "home away from home" quite literally.   

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