Dog owners are much happier than cat owners, study finds

Nearly all dog owners consider furry friend member of family


Are you a dog or a cat person? The answer someone gives to that age-old question seems to determine a lot about them.

We hate to break it to you, cat lovers, but in an annual General Social Survey conducted at the University of Chicago, a study found that dog owners tend to be happier than cat owners, according to Country Living.

The study showed several reasons why 36% of dog owners considered themselves “very happy,” while only 18% of cat owners did the same.

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Since dog owners are more likely to be out walking their furry friends, they’re more likely to form friendships with neighbors who are out doing the same.

Having said that, dog owners are also more likely to engage in outdoor physical exercise. Hello, vitamin D and beautiful nature.

The study also found people who own dogs not only seek comfort in their pets, but they are more likely to include their pup as part of the family -- a whopping 93% of people, to be exact.

So what are you, a dog or a cat person? Do you agree with the study's findings?

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