Winter might still be here, but this is why now is the best time to start planning your home renovation projects

Get ahead for spring, summer

Stock image. (Pexels)

Even though it’s February and a snowstorm recently hit the area, construction projects should very much be on the minds of people who are interested in doing major or minor home renovations, a local construction expert said.

One reason is, peak construction season isn’t too far away, with spring starting to draw a bit closer.

Another reason: The COVID-19 pandemic has essentially caused one prominent theme for those wanting to do some home or office remodeling -- get in line now while you can.

With contractors already having work lined up for months and a delay in building materials, the sooner a project starts its planning phase, the better.

“Now would be the time to start that process,” said Alicia Smith, an interior designer and Director of Marketing and Development for F&S Building Innovations. “Most contractors have a backlog in this economy.”

Whether it’s smaller projects such as deck repair or bathroom touch-ups, or bigger ones such as home addition or kitchen remodels, Smith said they can be delayed further because materials that are commonly found on store shelves can now take weeks to arrive.

In addition, the pandemic has caused more people to spend time in their houses due to quarantines and shutdowns, giving them more time to think about what they want to do with their homes -- and creating more competition for services.

“Folks are really evaluating their home and their space and realizing that they should make this right,” Smith said.

Without question, now is the time to get in line.

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