Here’s how you can maximize the space in your home, make it more functional

Stock image. Ivan Samkov (Pexels)

The housing market is in an interesting place right now.

Having spent so much time at home in the past year, many have realized they need more space in their home that’s functional -- but house hunting can be a grind.

With the rising costs of materials and longer wait times for said materials, investing in a new-build home is becoming more and more expensive, and quite a bit of a waiting game.

Instead of searching for a new home with more space, many people are choosing to modify or add on to their existing home.

The perfect place to do that? The basement.

Instead of just using it for storage, many homeowners are now opting to add living space to their home by finishing the basement.

“What folks are really realizing, especially with the cost increase of adding space, is that they’ve got all this existing, unused space,” said Alicia Smith, director of marketing and development for F&S Building Innovations.

Depending on the size of the basement, Smith said, space can be converted into additional bedrooms and bathrooms, game rooms, a second kitchen, mini-bar, a workout room or an office.

“It’s just taking the time to work with someone to understand how they can convert that into useable, functional space,” Smith said.

And even with the new living area, there can still be space allotted for storage.

“It’s so flexible,” Smith said. “People are really starting to take advantage of finishing basements for added living space that they didn’t think about before. They just threw all their stuff down there.”

If you’re interested in creating a more functional area with your basement, learn more by clicking or tapping here.