5 reasons now is the perfect time to create an outdoor oasis in your backyard

A newly built deck. (Courtesy of F&S Building Innovations.)

Think you’ve run out of time to get your outdoor living space done this year? It’s not too late. In fact, it’s actually a great time to turn your attention to your deck or patio, in preparation for next spring.

So, as you begin to add on the layers and get into the winter hibernation process, here are five great reasons to consider starting on your new outdoor space now.

1. Weather

During the summer, almost all contractors are working at full capacity, and often have longer lead times in the summer. This means that, as summer winds down, quality contractors may be more readily available. As it starts to cool off, lead times may decrease, and you will also have fewer days that are interrupted by rain, wind or severe weather.

2. Making the most of your time

You are more likely to utilize your deck in the spring and summer, so you don’t want to wait until spring to start the process -- right when you’re ready to relax. Any type of construction project has stages: planning, pricing and production. If you wait until the weather warms to start planning, you may miss out on some prime time to enjoy your new deck or outdoor entertaining space. By getting your outdoor space completed in the fall and winter, you are ready and waiting for spring when the temperatures start to rise.

3. Protecting your landscape

There are always things to consider when planning a construction project, one of which is access to the site -- a key consideration. If material deliveries require access through your yard, summer weather can contribute to dry grass or overly wet areas, if there has been significant rain fall. That could mean potential damage to your yard. In the fall or winter, there is much less likelihood of damaging grass or plants and blooming flowers, which have passed their peak, according to F&S Building Innovations.

4. Extension of living space

If you’re like many, you decorate for spring, add some color for summer, break out the autumn leaf-toned decor in the fall and overload on Christmas decorations in December. Including entertaining space outdoors just enhances our ability to spend time with friends and family while enjoying the beauty of the seasons. Rundown decks with splinters, bugs and maintenance shouldn’t deter you from loving your outdoor space. Consider incorporating a screen room, composite deck design, or even a sunroom to wow your friends.

5. Unending options

With more time indoors to browse the internet and read a magazine, it’s the perfect time to really determine what your dream deck or patio would look like. You can keep it open with a gorgeous pergola, add screens for pest protection, upgrade to a composite low maintenance product that will make your neighbors oh-so-jealous, or keep it simple with a new custom wood deck. Take advantage of this time to get it just right.

While you’re cruising through November with your thoughts toward thankfulness and breezing through December celebrating Christmas with those you love, do some advance planning to leap into spring with a fabulous new outdoor living space.

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