Wildcats Poised for Bounce-back Season


LEXINGTON (WSLS 10 SPORTS) - Rockbridge County high got a new head coach last year. Everyone was learning about coach Justin Akers, and Coach Akers was busy learning about everyone, on the fly.   The result was a winless season which included a loss to rival Parry McCluer, who is considered the little brother in Rockbridge county.

Ayear later the former Baylor tight end has had a full off season to implement his schemes, and for his coaching staff to get to know the players  Both are good reasons why the Wildcats should be much improved in 2015.

"A lot of these guys know what's going on,  They know where they need to be. It's just sort of fine tuning a few little details, where as opposed last year when you show up and it would be like all right this is our play.... this is how we do it. So it's been nice to come in and hit things with a full head of steam,"explains Coach Akers.

Dylan Sherman, the Wildcats senior running back, agrees. "He definitely put a lot more into the offense so we know we're doing better and we can adjusted to last year because last year we want to get offense of late but they sure were more confident offense of Lee and we're definitely going to take it to people."

Finally, Logan Goetz, a Rockbridge County senior linebacker and reciever, thinks getting to know the coaching staff was just as important as learning the new system.

"It really shows that players are more comfortable and and can come up to the coaches and be more personable with them there coached a whole lot better and listen a lot better and they have a personal relationship with their coach, " said Goetz.

The Wilcats open the season with a much anticipated rematch with Parry McCluer on August 28th.