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UVA super fan fulfills lifelong dream

Cavaliers basketball fan attends first game at age 86

GLASGOW, Va. – For 86 years UVA's biggest fan has watched her team from her chair. 

"I watch it and I get so excited and if they start losing I go 'flip, flip, flip, flip' with my remote. But I always go back to it because I love the Cavaliers," said Virginia Reynolds.

Virginia is a fitting name for someone whose passion for the University of Virginia is unparalleled. So much, that for Christmas Reynold's son and daughter gave her the best gift yet.

"I said, 'Mom, do you know what that is?' She's like 'no!' She's holding it up," said Reynold's daughter Janice Downey.

"She said, 'You're going to see the Cavaliers play ball,' and I said 'yay,'" said Reynolds.

Virginia, with her daughter Janice and family, visited John Paul Jones Arena as the 'Hoos hosted Miami Saturday. While Reynolds was watching the game, she also had her eyes on her favorite coach.

"You have no idea how much she loves Tony Bennett," said Downey.

As if seeing her team and coach Bennett wasn't enough, Reynold's family had another surprise in store.

"I just said 'OK, when there's 15 minutes left in the game, we got to go downstairs,' she's like, 'me? What for?' said Downey.

"When I got down on the floor, the lady that met me, she was really nice and she hugged me and said that I was going to play a game, and I thought what kind of game," said Reynolds.

When UVA heard Reynolds' story, they made sure to get the longtime 'Hoo some recognition.

"All right guys, I have a very special guest. This is Virginia Reynolds, she is turning 87 next month," said Tara Wheeler, UVA's in-game host. "She's never been to a UVA basketball game, she's been a fan for life, so we want her to win today!"

"The students were behind me, and they had their fingers up, 'two,' so I was really excited," added Reynolds.
The correct guess was two, and she won a $250 gift card. A day to remember, full of family, fun and a win for Virginia, and Virginia.

"I really enjoyed it, and as old as I am I think it was the most exciting thing I've seen in my life," she said.