Patrick Henry's Carter Plunkett wins Ray Bellamy award

The award honors the top high school baseball player in the Roanoke Valley

Shortstop and pitcher Carter Plunkett of Patrick Henry was awarded the Ray Bellamy award Wednesday night. The award is given annually by the Salem-Roanoke Baseball Hall of Fame to the top high school baseball player during the 2018 season.

"It's awesome because I'm playing at Roanoke College next year and we get to play at Salem. To have my name up there on the plaque in the Hall of Fame room over there it's pretty awesome," Plunkett said. "My dad's friends have been inducted into the hall of Fame and stuff so it's a huge honor for sure."

The Ray Bellamy Award honors the late Ray Bellamy, a long-time sports enthusiast and baseball supporter in the Roanoke Valley.  Plunkett is the 38th winner of the annual award.


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