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Cornerback job still up for grabs at Virginia Tech

Coach Brian Mitchell says lots of guys are available to start

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BLACKSBURG, Va. – Fans can only assume that Caleb Farley will be the Hokies' starting cornerback. He's got the strength, skill, and experience, but an injury-riddled 2017 set him back a little bit. 

Despite his starts last year, cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell made it clear that the starting spot is far from locked up. 

"I went into fall camp, whoever comes out on top comes out on top," Mitchell said. "I know Farley has a great skill set that some of the guys don't have. He may have a head start because he had 12 games of starting last year, but Jermaine Waller is doing a heck of a job this camp. Had a great spring, every day he comes with this lunch pail and is working."

"(JoVonn) Quillen has got some experience, as well. He's doing a great job. I've got some guys, (Armani Chatman), Nadir Thompson, I finally got Jeremy Webb back. I've got a room of guys that are hungry," he said.


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