Liberty's Freeze sidelined with back problems

Liberty coach has missed four days of fall camp

LYNCHBURG, Va. –  Anyone who has ever hurt their back understands.  You can't sit, you can't stand, you can't lie down, you can't breathe, you can't move, you can't stay still--without it hurting.  And it's not better until it's better.

In Lynchburg the Liberty Flames are prepping for the season opener without their head coach. First year coach Hugh Freeze has missed the past 4 days of practice due to back spasms. Freeze is receiving medical attention and isn't expected to return until the spasms subside.  Flames Athletics Director Ian McCaw says there's no definitive timetable for his return.

"There's no one that wants to be out at practice more than he does and he's eager to get back and we certainly hope that will be as soon as possible and we look forward to him having a speedy recovery," McCaw said.

"I've known Coach Freeze since 2008. This is the first time he's been out of practice a couple of days. I know it's pretty serious and he's in his bed right now itching to get back out here," Liberty Tight Ends coach Ben Aigamaua said.

  With the Flames opener at home against Syracuse looming on the 31st,  Freeze has been keeping in constant communication with his assistants in order to keep the season preparations going. 

"It's been a little different. We're praying for him, hoping he'll come back as soon as possible. But when he got here he put together a great staff, position coaches, coordinators as well as support staff that if a time like this arose we'd be alright and it's been fairly seamless in his absence," Flames offensive lineman Dontae Duff said. 



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