Virginia Tech basketball prepping for Mike Young era

This will be Young's first year as head coach for the Hokies

Virginia Tech preparing for Mike Young era

BLACKSBURG, Va. – The Mike Young era is about to begin in Blacksburg with their season opener just a couple weeks away. On paper, the team looks young, but Young, the new coach, says he's confident in who can shoot the ball and hopes to play nine or 10 guys opening night. 

"We're young, alright," Young said. "Not going to belabor it, not going to pout about it, this is what we have. We do have, will have, in most instances, four guys who can shoot the ball and yes, that shot will be a big part of what we do and I can't imagine that changing."

But the youth of the team is influenced by guys such as Wabissa Bede, who has been through the program, and is confident in his craft. 

"Every day in practice, those guys just push us, especially Bede," freshman Jalen Cole said. "Us playing the same position, he just pushes me every day and he beats up on me on and off the court but he's just teaching me."

The Hokies open up their season with an ACC opponent in Clemson, an unusual change compared to previous years that began the season with a nonconference team. But the game is a challenge Virginia Tech is looking forward to. 

" A season opener, but [also] a league opener," Young said. "And those league opener and those league games, needless to say, that's a huge deal when something has ramifications moving forward. We will prepare like crazy and have them ready to go."

Virginia Tech will open their season on the road at Clemson on Nov. 5.  

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