Backpacking with Brooke: Bald Knob Trail

This hike can be done in under 30 minutes with a huge pay off

PEMBROKE, Va. – Bald Knob hike is located just behind the Mountain Lake Resort off of 460. This one mile hike is definitely steep but the pay off is worth it.

The Mountain Lake Resort is closed, so you’ll park at the base of the resort in the gravel lot and walk behind the hotel to get to the start of the trail.

You’ll see the sign for the trail at the top of the rock stairs on your right. Cross over the wooden bridge a few paces later and you’ll begin the ascent.

Like I said, this hike is only about a half mile to the top but it is the real deal... it is literally straight up the mountain with only a few traverses.

While you’re taking a little break to catch your breath, here’s a fun fact! Mountain Lake Resort is where dirty dancing was filmed.

After the initial ascent, you’ll come across a clearing, you get a little taste of the view at the top to the right.

In the summer, this part of the trail is definitely my favorite. Once the trees are bloomed it’s a beautiful path.

When you’re almost to the top, it will look like there’s an option to take the trail to the right. Stay straight and follow the stairs up the rocks

At the top the initial view is pretty good. But follow the path along the ridge and you’ll dump out at the true vista. It was pretty windy when we went but the clear skies allowed us to see for miles.

Follow the path back down the way you came back down to the parking lot.

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