Lord Botetourt football sending 3 stars to Appalachian State

Cavaliers are coming off a Class 3 State Runner-up finish.

Trio of LB Cavaliers headed to Appy State
Trio of LB Cavaliers headed to Appy State

Daleville, Va. – It’s not unusual for Lord Botetourt football to send its players off to the next level.

“I think we have a heck of an environment here, all the guys over the years, they grow they mature they become great players,” Cavaliers head coach Jamie Harless said.

In January. offensive tackle Colston Powers committed to Appalachian State.

“The football program is great, they have winning seasons every year, and it was just where I wanted to be.,” Powers said.

Then, a few months later, with a little help from Powers, offensive guard Troy Everett committed there too.

“I would text him a lot and bounce ideas off of him and see. it was between them and tech and it worked out more to have someone there,” Everett said.

And most recently, linebacker Kyle Arnholt put pen to paper at App State as well.

“It’s just a huge family down there. they love the football as well, i just thought it would be a good opportunity for me and the rest of us to enjoy our time in college,” Arnholt said.

And no, your math isn’t wrong. That’s three rising seniors from the same school, heading to play college ball together.

“The statistical anomaly of three kids going to Appalachian State, a top 20 school, I don’t know how you explain that but they’ve all earned it,” Harless said.

“It’s definitely pretty unheard of to have three kids from the same school and the same grade all go to the same college. So it’s definitely pretty special and i”m sure it will be pretty cool down at App State too,” Everett added.

And it is certainly a testament to Head coach Jamie Harless, and the legacy he’s built at Lord Botetourt.

“He gets the coaches in here, he sends our film out to everybody and he gives everybody on this team an opportunity to play at the next level,” Powers explained.

”It’s nice to see the kids move on. you want to win championships but in the end, seeing these guys get free educations and seeing that burden being removed from the families, it’s a special thing,” Harless said.

The Cavaliers are coming off an undefeated regular season and a Class 3 State runner-up finish.

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