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Salem’s physicality and discipline hoping to be the edge in Saturday’s Class 4 State Championship

The undefeated Spartans will face Lake Taylor

Salem preps another State title tilt vs Lake Taylor
Salem preps another State title tilt vs Lake Taylor

SALEM, Va. – There’s no perfect recipe for success, but two ingredients for Salem start with discipline and physicality.

“It starts from workouts, we discuss those things,” head coach Don Holter said. “Focus and discipline allows you to execute in all three phases of the game and we do that with an emphasis on great physicality.”

The undefeated Spartans have one more game standing between them and a Class 4 state championship- Saturday’s matchup against Lake Taylor.

“There’s a lot of athletes, I think it’s going to be like a brawl,” lineman Cameron Martindale said. “I feel like it will be similar how we go against ourselves and our scout team.”

It may feel like looking in a mirror, but the Salem defense has proved they can rise above any opponent. Now, they must prepare for Lake Taylor’s option offense.

“It’s detrailed oriented. It takes you a little bit to get used to that,” Holter said. “Our scout team is doing a great job this week in preparing us.”

“We need to make sure we don’t let off the gas, we stay disciplined, and we make sure we outlast them in a game,” Martindale added.

And the Spartans know better than to be caught up in how far they’ve come with unfinished business.

“Usually Coach Hotler goes off the saying proud not satisfied,” Martindale said. “I think after this game we’re about ready to get to that satisfied.”

The Spartans kick off at 3 p.m. at Lake Taylor in Norfolk on Saturday.

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