1st and 10 Camp Tour: North Cross Raiders

The Raiders played four games in 2020

ROANOKE, Va. – North Cross was one of the handful of teams able to have somewhat of a fall season in 2020. Although they only played four games, they put up big numbers in all of the wins. They also had a complete offseason, creating a bit of normalcy for the Raiders who are back stronger and faster after nine months.

“We graduated some really good players the last two years so we have a lot of new guys in new roles, but they’ve also been around the program,” head coach Stephen Alexander said. “They understand how we do things and that’s good, it’s helped us go really fast in camp, we’ve had a really productive camp so far.”

“Across the board, our receiving corp is looking great, some really good height and some new guys on the offensive line are going to help step up,” junior Chase Daniel said. “On defense, I think our defensive line is going to be solid, Raleigh Cundiff was one of the leaders in the nations in sacks as a sophomore, and now he’s a senior, so I can’t wait to see what he does.”

North Cross opens up against Nasemond-Suffolk Academy on Friday the 27th.

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